New Finish for Granite Countertops Caught my Eye

Replacing your countertops? Look into a new trend surfacing for suede granite.

I’ve seen probably more than 500 kitchens in the last six months.  It takes a lot to turn my head but when something does, I think I should share it. 

This newest trend that’s held my attention – suede granite.  The cool thing about suede granite is the way it feels.  Think about the leather on a football.  It’s softer.  That’s what you get with suede granite.  The high-gloss polished look of most granite countertops is absent.  You get this softer look and feel that would be good for a well-lit kitchen.

Or you could mix the finishes of your granite.  Maybe do high gloss for the counter surrounding the sink and the suede finish for the island.  I think the two finishes would offer depth to the kitchen. 



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