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Real Estate is Going Green to Save Homeowners' Green

Greening the MLS makes it easier to find "green" homes

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

Green tech

As homebuyers become increasingly savvy about the availability of green technology, it seems that an epiphany is taking place in the real estate industry.

Marketing homes according to environmental impact might be a good idea. Especially since green technology often translates into lower monthly bills for homeowners.

“Greening the MLS” is an initiative heralded by real estate agents to make it easier for buyers to search the MLS for properties that use green technology. These properties will often save homebuyers money by reducing the cost of utilities. Currently, the traditional MLS listing does not make it possible for potential buyers to search using green options as a filter. “Greening the MLS” solves that issue by enabling this type of search.

In addition to providing that tangible tool that leads to savings for homeowners, “Greening the MLS” also encourages agents to promote and explain these features to buyers. This, in turn, educates more of the population on the benefits of green technology. Reach out to your Red Edge agent today for information on green properties in your target area.



Louisville real estate defies the laws of gravity

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Unless You Live in Louisville…

by MIKE HALL Owner/Agent/Broker


The Louisville housing market has hit historic highs since overcoming the recession. Prices have continued to rise and rise with no end in sight.

The second half of 2017 is proving to be no different than the first half, with July’s sales matching those of July 2016 — an extraordinarily high month for sales in the Metro. In 2016, there were 12,253 properties sold. That's phenomenal considering the relatively small size of the city and the low inventory of available housing. July 2017 almost matched that of 2016 coming in just 11 sales fewer, a difference of less than 1 percent.

As a result of the low inventory and high number of sales, bidding wars are now commonplace and are driving the sale prices to new highs. Typically Louisville homes appreciate around 4% in a year; but from last year to this one, homes have appreciated 7.71%. Being a homeowner in Louisville right now is a boon. Be sure to call your Red Edge agent to get your foot into this growing market.

Source: Louisville Insider

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