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Furniture and cabinet paint made easy

Paint that sticks to kitchen cabinets and furniture

Have you ever tried painting your kitchen cabinets? A hutch? A dresser?

It can be a painstaking process and the result may end up chipping. I've heard of a product to try. The Plaster Paint Co. has a retailer here in Louisville.

Vintage Girls, located in Yesternook, can help you tackle any at-home painting project with their advice and a can of this magic paint. Looking to get distressed? Start here. You'll see your area transformed.

Painted and distressed kitchen cabinets


Something mold, something new

Moldy basement? I've got a guy for you.

Has a basement corner turned into a black abyss? Don't panic. Mold is a normal part of our lives and our bodies are designed to tolerate it in small amounts. But if your basement has a plethora of mold, check with a professional.

A client of mine recently used AdvantaClean and Darrin Fracesconi paid a visit to the home. Luckily for the homeowner, the mold wasn't an issue and Darrin made that clear. He wasn't trying to sell them a service they didn't need. I love contractors who are honest.

He advised the client to seal their basement walls and the issue should be taken care of. The estimate was free and saved the family some stress.

Tackle mold in three steps:

  1. Unclog gutters. This keeps water flowing away from the house. Mold HAS to have moisture to grow.
  2. Run a dehumidifier. This keeps moisture at a decent leve.
  3. Use bleach or borax to clean. For mild mold problems, you can clean the mold with these regular household cleaners.

Tired of your home decor?

Reinvent your home decor with a little help

Tired of looking at the same old, same old while at home (we're talking about throw pillows, not spouses)? Spice things up by moving around the furniture and knick knacks you already own. Sound daunting?

You're not alone. Many people seem to lack the knack for interior design. If I get an "amen" from you, then maybe I should introduce a business I just found out about: Reroutt and Moore in Norton Commons. To pull a blurb from their Facebook page:

"We are breaking all the rules at reROUTT & MOORE. Our mission is to be different by insuring that your home truly reflects your personality instead of pushing "our" style and "our" stuff on you. We can "reROUTT" your home with things you already have and/or add new pieces. We have a large network of resources from new fabrics and upholstered items to neat one of a kind pieces"

Check them out on their Facebook page.

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