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Endless dining and drinking options available in Louisville.

by MIKE HALL Owner/Agent/Broker

Louisville’s food scene is arguably the best in all of Kentucky. To experience continual creativity from the chefs in Louisville, hubs are sprinkled throughout the town. If you haven’t already, check out the NuLu district, Bardstown Road and Frankfort Avenue. Louisvillians are proud supporters of local businesses.

On top of diverse dining options, there are plenty of coffee shops, wine bars, craft beer hangouts and bourbon bars- not to mention the Urban Bourbon Trail. According to Food and Dining Magazine, Louisville is home to 1,200 restaurants, with 117 new restaurants opening just last year. Any neophile would make a happy home here in Louisville.


Feng Shui for Beginners

Some buyers’ decisions may hinge on things you’ve overlooked

by MIKE HALL Owner/Broker/Agent

I’ve had more than one couple mention feng shui when looking for a new home. Feng Shui is the idea that your home has an energy or force known as “chi”. It is believed that a space with proper feng shui brings good fortune, prosperity and harmonious relationships in your life.

No feng shui? Well then, you might receive the opposite. So, whether you’re building a home with the idea of eventually putting up for sale on the real estate market, or simply showing your Louisville home to potential feng shui buyers, here are some basics:

Your entryway should have a natural flow, inviting others into your home. The front door should be the most grand of any other doors in your home.

De-clutter. Any unorganized mess, and the existing balance is thrown off.

Decorate with color, incorporating natural earth elements such as wood and metal. Wood brings vitality and growth, while metallic and gold fixtures attract wealth.

Mirrors create energy, so place in areas you don’t relax. Do not place a bathroom mirror opposite to the toilet.

Round dining room tables and mirrors are ideal to square/rectangle ones.

Do not have a bed, or a sink, against the wall opposite to the oven.

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