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Five Insider Tricks to Buying a Home

Don't miss #3; can't ignore the credit score.

by MIKE HALL, Broker/Owner

One of the biggest purchases you'll ever make is buying a home. I'm here to help you not screw it up. Here are some tips that you need to know or work on when buying a home in Louisville - or anywhere!

1. Be present at the home inspection. Failing to get a home inspection is like playing Russian roulette. You never know what's going on with a house until a certified home inspector gives it a thorough report. On the flipside: Don't freak out. All houses have some issues. I can guide you through what's worrisome and what's normal.

2. Shop around for your mortgage. I have great connections with local, Louisville mortgage companies so I can usually find you the best interest rate. One of my customers just got an interest rate of 3.5 percent. Wowza! A little math: Compared to a 4.375 percent interest rate, this rate (that isn't even 1 percent lower) will reduce their monthly principal and interest by over $100 a month amortized over 30 years - saving almost $40,000.

3. Improve your credit score. Look at your credit report. Dispute anything that doesn't seem accurate. Work on improving your score by paying your bills on time. If you don't have a credit card, get one and use it. But use it wisely. This will help build your score which will get you a low interest rate. (See above math for incentive to raise your score.)...

Don't Make These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Avoid these three flubs when listing your Louisville home.

by: MIKE HALL, Broker/Owner

Although most sellers won't admit it, they often have more than a financial investment in their current homes. An emotional attachment to your home can lead to some distress when trying to sell your home. Read the following to make sure you put your emotions in check to put a bigger check in the bank after the closing of your home.

1. Price it too high. You've put a lot into your home and you expect to get top dollar. Unfortunately, tyour idea of top dollar may not always be what the Louisville market will bear. Hire a trusted realtor, like me, and you can be sure to set your price at just the right amount. Request a free market analysis of your Louisville home.

2. Neglecting to negotiate the commission. Listen up, I'm offering a listing discount soon. Contact me today to find out exactly how much you can save - I'm betting you could use that extra money to decorate your new home.

3. Getting ancy to list. Take my advice. Put a little sweat equity and a couple thousand dollars into your home before you list. The return you get will be worth it. Check out some ...

Your Home's Selfie: The Gateway to a Sale

Your home's pictures online can lead buyers to your listing or steer them away.

Nine out of 10 buyers look online at some point during their home search according to Consumer Reports. What does that mean for Louisville sellers, make your home's pictures count.

Think clean, modern and spacious. Here's what I advise:

1. Declutter your home and store bulky items out of the way. We want people to notice the space, not your decor.

2. I always hire a professional. My gal takes amazing photos that will attract the buyers

3. Post lots of pics. Pictures say a 1,000 words - meaning I can write a great description but the pictures can either defy or enhance what the description says. I promise I will always post the pictures on the same day it's listed and there will be lots of them.


April is the Hottest Time to Sell Your Home

The magic month to get your home on the MLS.

Everything has a season. Real estate is no exception.

While, of course, I'd like home sales to stay steady throughout the year, that's just not reality. In truth, the most real estate transactions occur during the spring - specifically April through June.

If selling your home is a priority in 2015, try to get it on the market by April. According to the latest edition of Consumer Reports, the second quarter of the year is the best time to sell. If you're really serious, the single best month to sell is April.

I think closing a deal in April is ideal for many people. Usually, closing will happen around May, then people can have the summer to get settled in their new home. Buyers with kids in school seem to really like this timing.

If you'd like to get your home on Louisville's MLS by April, read this blog on Red Edge's site. Contact me today, and we can get your game face on.

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