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Look at Old Pictures of Louisville

Got some time to kill?

Check out historic photo's from Louisville's past.

Dating back to the mid-1860's, these photos depict Louisville in a whole new light. Some of my favorite pictures include the people making Louisville Slugger bats and the lunch display at Woolworth's. Maybe I'm just hungry, but a chicken salad sandwich sounds pretty tasty.

You may have seen this link on Facebook, but in case you missed it, I thought I'd call attention to it here. Some of those old Louisville houses were mansions. Other snapshots include parks, hotels, and expositions. Slack off for 5 minutes and take a gander at the way things used to be.

Historic photos of Louisville


Tap Into LA Designer for Your Louisville Kitchen

Create your Louisville kitchen's look with advice from LA designer

After spending all holiday season, baking, whisking and roasting, you may know realize just how many pitfalls exist in your current kitchen.

If redoing your kitchen is your budget for 2015, take the time to read this article which quotes LA Designer Betsy Burnham. Some of my favorite highlights from the article:

1. Ask yourself two questions before you start. Read article.

2. Think about storage.

3. Reimagine your current cabinets to help avoid higher costs.


Five Things You Can Expect When Buying a Home in Louisville

There are some things in life you can count on - here's a few things about the Louisville real estate market.

1. You'll probably get a basement. Not all regions in the U.S. have the ability to offer a basement. Luckily, you'll probably get one in Louisville. Hello, storage!

2. You'll get a bigger house than in other markets. Louisville is one of the most affordable cities to buy real estate.

3. You'll have competition. Not in all areas, but especially in St. Matthews and the Highlands, you can expect a little bidding war for properties that are priced to sell.

4. You'll meet nice people at the closing. Louisville is a friendly, Midwestern town with mostly friendly people. The sellers will probably be pretty sweet people you wouldn't mind hanging out with.

5. You'll be happy you bought. Investing in real estate in the Louisville market is hands-down a smart decision, especially with a Red Edge agent by your side. We'll help you make the best decision for you and your family.


Prep Your Home for the Cold Streak

Louisville braces for zero degree temperatures

Get your home ready to brave the arctic blast.

The Louisville Water Company is being proactive this winter by encouraging customers to tag their water shut off valves. According to an article in the Courier Journal, the water company fielded thousands of calls about burst water lines during the winter of 2014 where polar vortex made its way into everyday vocabulary.

Tagging the shutoff valve helps homeowners to more quickly turn off the water and prevent more damage.

Read the article.

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