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Louisville Real Estate Market Ready for Action

Let me adjust my rose colored glasses while I walk you back through 2012 in terms of Louisville real estate.  It was essentially a great year.  No need for the tinted frames when you get a clear shot into what went down in 2012.

The Courier Journal shared some interesting stats last week that should put a grin on your face especially if you’ve got a Louisville home for sale or plan on buying a Louisville home. Click here for the full CJ article.

Louisville homes sales were up 16 percent last year.  The market for real estate is on the upward climb as long as the interest rates stay low. 

When the rates are low, less than 4 percent on a 30 year fixed rate, home buyers can get more house for the same amount of money.  Use my mortgage calculator to determine what you can afford. (change the rate to 3.5%)

Once you figure out the price range, you can easily set up a property tracker on our MLSKY Search form by clicking here.   This will get new listings sent to you and you can check them out asap by using the Schedule Showing icon.

I've sold nine houses since Jan 1st so the market...

Learn the Steps to Buying a Home

I did this 41 times last year so I can help set your expectations and keep surprises to a minimum when buying a Louisville home. 

Buying a Louisville home for sale is one of the biggest, or I dare say the biggest, transaction you’ll face in your lifetime.  I’m a Principal Broker so of course I believe in using an agent to guide your path.  We’re professional, we know the industry, and Red Edge agents have your best interest at heart. We want to build a relationship that will last throughout your lifetime. 

Here are the first three steps to buying a home:

  1. Search for Louisville KY homes for sale
  2. Contact me and I'll steer you the right way
  3. Get pre-approved for financing here

To read more about the process, click here.


Keep Home Showing-Ready with Three Updates

Yesterday, if you stared at your love handles in the mirror and made a pledge to get in shape this year, millions of Americans probably did about the same thing. 

While focusing on your body image is pretty normal during this time of year, take the start of 2013 to improve your Louisville home as well.  Whether your house is on the market or not, take my advice and get a head start on keeping your home current. 

When you do go to sale, you won’t be overwhelmed with a list of a thousand improvements to attract buyers.  Who wants a home where guest feel like they’ve been transported into the 70s.

Here are some ideas for 2013 home projects:

Living room: Nothing goes farther than a fresh coat of paint.  Consider new throw pillows and maybe even a ceiling fan.

Outdoor landscaping: Sprucing up your curb appeal will get those buyers in the door. Try elegant house numbers and a new door mat.  Paint the door and add a decorative wreath.  Add some color to your landscaping with flowers and shrubs.

Laundry room: It’s not the sexiest room to improve, but people spend a lot of time in there.  Opt for great storage and make it look like a room.  Not a dungeon destined for chore slavery. 

For more tips, I like MSN Real Estate’s “Get Your Home Ready to Sell at any Budget.”...

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