Louisville Housing Market Update June 2012

Louisville Home Sales have increased 15% through May 2012.


2012 year-to-date home and condo sales in the Greater Louisville area are at 4673 units through May 31st which is 15% above the 4070 homes sold through the same period last year.   Prices are also up 4.2% to an average sales price of $163,013 from $156,388 in 2011.

The average sales price of $163,013 is almost back to 2005 levels.   Prices peaked in 2007 at an average sales price of $167.721.

Click here for the graph showing the trends since 2003.   Many properties are selling in less than a week and getting multiple offers.   All is a good sign our market is returning to a healthier state and looking good for the future.


#1 By Glenna Knope at 6/27/2012 0:16 PM

Is there a way to determine how many of the sales are distressed situations.....foreclosure, short sell, etc?

#2 By Mike Hall at 6/27/2012 3:20 PM

To my knowledge the Greater Louisville Board of Realtors does not have a field that indicates a distressed sale to estimate what percentage of homes sold are either due to foreclosure or a short sale. I would estimate some areas of town are 40-50% of distressed sales. Other areas of town in high demand like the Highlands and St Matthews I would estimate below 5% are distressed. If you have a particular area I could pull the sales and manually calculate the percentage that is distressed over the last 30 days.

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