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Is Bigger Always Better?

For those who think so, Louisville ranks top 5 for largest yards.

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

Do you watch those HGTV shows where they makeover someone’s backyard into a beautiful oasis? Do you want a big yard for entertaining or kids to play or space for a garden? Well, living in Louisville gives you more of an opportunity to have those wishes come true.

According to StorageCafe, Louisville is one of the top 3 cities with large lot sizes among the 50 largest cities in the U.S.; Nashville, Tenn., topping the list.[1] With a median lot size over 10,000 sq. ft., Louisville is among the top five cities with the largest yards.

So what are the pros and cons of having a large yard?

The pros:

You have the space to create an entertainment area, whether that’s creating an outdoor kitchen and living space or setting up safe place for kids to play. A large backyard can provide your dog ample running and playing room, or you can nurture your green thumb skills with a garden. The great outdoors also provides some health benefits, such as stress reduction. Having a backyard also adds value to your home, especially when it’s a functional space and landscaped.


Should I Buy a Home in Louisville?

Avoid these common mistakes when purchasing your home

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

wooden house and change

In late August, mortgage rates hit a 22-year high with a 30-year fixed rate home loan averaging 7.23%.[1] With these rates, lower inventory, and inflated prices, some may delay purchasing a home.

But if you are in the market, don’t let your anxiety and fear keep you from buying. Avoid these common mistakes when purchasing your home.[2]

  1. Trying to time the market. Just like stocks, the housing market ebbs and flows. Don’t try to figure out the perfect time to buy because conditions will always change.
  2. Worrying only about mortgage payments. The mortgage is just one part of purchasing a home. Buyers need to include homeowners’ insurance, PMI, taxes, and maintenance costs into their budget.
  3. Neglecting your credit score. While a credit score is not indicative of your ability to pay a mortgage, it does impact your ability to get a loan and the rate of the loan. Work on paying down other debt to increase your score.
  4. Buying a home too fast. Take the time to shop around and look...

Does a pool hurt or help your Louisville home value?

Sink or Swim

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

in ground pool behind house

It’s summer and in the Ohio River Valley that means and hot and humid days. And for many it means spending time outdoors, whether kayaking, hiking, barbecuing, or swimming.

Adding a pool in your backyard may be more convenient as opposed to a public pool, but does it add value to your home when you want to sell? The answer isn’t simple. The value is very dependent on the current housing market and if buyers see it as an asset.

What are the costs?

Pools are expensive. While an above-ground pool is significantly cheaper to install than an in-ground pool (approximately $35,000-$65,000), the cost can range from about $3,000-$15,000. This doesn’t include maintenance costs, water, or electricity usage. Added expenses, such as a new liner or cover, hiring a maintenance service, or other repairs can easily increase these costs. And with a pool, you may want to add a deck, patio, or other outdoor landscaping to enjoy the space even more.

A pool is also a liability for homeowners. It will likely raise your homeowner’s insurance and you may be required to install extra security measures, such as a privacy...

Ready to Sell Your Louisville Home?

Stage your home for future buyers

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

Beautifully staged home

Whether it’s a job in a different city, upgrading for an expanding family, or downgrading for retirement, you’ve decided to sell your current home.

Do you know how to optimize your home’s appearance to get more showings and offers?

Louisville buyers want to be able to visualize themselves in your home. Declutter, de-personalize, and spruce up are the general guidelines to selling. Read the previous blog on spring cleaning tips and follow these recommendations to stage your home.

  1. Pare down and rethink furniture placement. Moving sofas from away from walls and grouping chairs into conversational groups may increase flow and give the room a more spacious feel.
  2. Add an office space. With more people working from home, create a workspace so buyers already have a dedicated space in mind.
  3. Show off storage. Declutter closets and cabinets and organize areas with bins and baskets. Be sure not to overload with storage bins, though.
  4. Amp up lighting. Increase wattage of bulbs and add lamps in darker...

Renew, Refresh, Reorganize

Get your Louisville home ready to sell.

by MIKE HALL, Owner, Broker, Agent

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. Spring is also the best time of year to sell your house and start your life in a new home.

Prep your home to sell with a good spring cleaning. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be completed and check off those tasks one-by-one.

Here are nine spring-cleaning tips that can boost the value of your home when selling.

  1. Deep clean. Don’t just wash down counters or vacuum. Clean out that fridge, get the dust bunnies from under cabinets, and cobwebs from the upper corners of the ceiling.
  2. Paint. Has it been a few years since you’ve painted. Spruce up your home with a modern, fresh coat. Make sure to fill in any holes and nicks as you go. Consider painting your front door to give it a bold new look.
  3. Scrub and seal grout. Is the grout looking dirty? Use a grout cleaner to get those stains out or regrout if needed. Then don’t forget to seal it to keep it looking great.
  4. Get your carpet professionally cleaned. While vacuuming removes much of the dirt, a good deep cleaning can get your carpet looking good-as-new.
  5. Spruce up the outside. Curb appeal helps attract...

Homeowners Ask: Best Security Systems

Secure your home and yourself

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

Virtual Security

You’ve finally purchased your first home. You want to make sure that your home is safe and secure.

We get asked a lot about services to enhance your home and after being in business for many years, Red Edge agents have seen a lot. When it comes to security systems, there are several options available for Louisville homeowners.

You can subscribe to a security system service, such as ADT or Vivint. These can be all-inclusive providing not just the equipment but also 24/7 monitoring of potential issues. Prices vary for the amount of coverage, and many require minimum year contracts with cancellation fees, so be sure to read the fine print of all contracts.

Another option is purchasing your own security system from a company like Ring or SimpliSafe. This usually entails one-time equipment purchase. With some you can add on 24/7 monitoring, while others alert you through an app instead of third-party monitoring your home.

You may want to start off simply with just a few outside cameras or a video doorbell. Adding onto these starters with motion-sensing flood lights, window and door sensors and interior cameras is easy...

March Madness

Don’t let home renovations make you mad

 by MIKE HALL, Owner, Agent, and Broker

home kitchen being renovated

You typically think of basketball when you hear “March Madness.” But if you’re like most people, springtime brings a renewed energy—almost a madness to start or complete home projects or spend hours doing a deep clean and organization of your home.

If you have a list of projects you want to tackle this year to rejuvenate your home, check out the Louisville Home Garden and Remodeling Show at the Kentucky Expo Center. Visit the more than 150 exhibitors, listen to expert speakers, and shop the marketplace for new home décor. Find inspiration to create a garden oasis or find a contractor to get your kitchen updated from the 1980s to the 2020s.

Dates and times:

Friday, March 10 from noon – 8 p.m.
Saturday, March 11 from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday, March 12 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. Parking...

Real Estate a Safe Bet in Louisville

The market may be wilder on the coasts, but the Midwest expected to remain steady


Midwest Nature

The Midwest has its charm. We’re known to be friendly, the weather hits all the seasons and nature is on full display. Did I mention we’re friendly? Kind neighbors really are priceless.

Louisville certainly has a southern feel but is also considered to be Midwest, a real boon for the current real estate market. While the Sunbelt is expected to be decline in home values, cities like Louisville will likely retain their value throughout 2023.

If you want to play it even safer, consider purchasing a home at or below Louisville’s median-priced home - $225,000.  No matter the economy, people will always want an affordable option.

Red Edge would love to help you navigate the home selling and home buying process. We have experienced agents who have walked through 2008 and are here to walk with clients through this time as well. Reach out today!



Things You Should Never Do Before Closing

Stay away from these life changes before you sign on a new home.



Making a major purchase – like a buying a boat – is a no-no if you want smooth sailing at closing.

There’s a little rhyme you can memorize to save yourself from the hassle of underwriter scrutiny when buying a home: If you’re headed to the closing table, it’s best to keep things stable.

Over the years, I’ve made lots of friends in the mortgage industry, from loan officers and other agents to the infamous underwriter. While underwriters may get a bad rap for their detailed way, they’re really trying to make sure they’ve got accurate information to get your loan to close.

I’ve learned a few things from them along the way. Here are a few of the things my underwriter friends would tell any buyer to avoid:

  1. Don’t make any major purchases. Don’t buy a boat, RV, or a car at least 30 days prior to closing on your loan. I know it’s tempting to make home furnishing purchases in anticipation of your new home – like furniture or appliances – to get everything in place to move, but it’s best to wait. If you pay cash, an underwriter will want to see...

Renting? Simple Formula Reveals If You Actually Should Buy

Yes, the interest rates are rising, but that doesn’t mean your best bet is to continue renting that home.


Straightforward formula helps make the decision to rent or buy your Louisville home less emotional and more strategic.

If you’re currently renting a home in Louisville, you may want to reconsider your situation. There’s a formula called the 5% rule that helps you figure out if you’re better off – financially – continuing to rent or saving to buy.

Get out your calculators!

Look at your home value of the home you’re renting in Louisville. Once you have that number multiple it by 5%. Then divide it by 12 to get your break-even number.

If your monthly rent is lower than your breakeven number, continue renting

If your monthly rent is higher than your breakeven number, save to buy.

Not into math? Or just need help deciding if buying a house is really an option for you. Reach out to a Red Edge...

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