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Autumn Leaves in Louisville!

Where are some of the best locations to observe the changing colors in Louisville?

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

autumn leaves

Find the most scenic locations to see Autumn’s leaves on display!

There are few things more spectacular in and around Louisville than witnessing the changing leaves in the Fall.

Louisville’s many trees and the surrounding forestland turn all shades of orange, red, and yellow during the Autumn, especially in October.

If you really want to take in the view this year, check out one or more of these prime locations. Some are in or near Louisville, and some are within a two-hour drive. Whatever kind of Fall adventure you’re ready to tackle, you’re in for a visual masterpiece. The extraordinary Autumn view is just another reason why Louisville is one of the best cities to live and adventure in.

  • The Parklands of Floyd Park
  • Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest
  • Iroquois Park Scenic Overlook
  • Cherokee Park
  • Red River Gorge
  • Dale Hallow Lake
  • Brown County, Ind.

[Source: Louisville Courier-Journal]


How to Paint Your Front Door

Embrace one of Louisville's hottest trends in curb appeal!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Yellow front door

Make your door stand out with a splash of your favorite color!

Beautiful, colorful doors – you’ve probably been seen more and more of this growing trend. It’s an easy and creative way to increase your curb appeal for potential buyers or make your beloved home even more personalized to your style. A quick splash of color on your door will make your house stand out in the neighborhood!

Here are some quick tips on how to take your door from boring to brilliant!

  1. Remove the hardware – Take off all knobs, locks, knockers, etc. from the door. Shine them up or use this chance to replace them with new models that will complement your color of choice.
  2. Cover up permanent fixtures – Use painter’s tape around accessories that can’t be removed, like peepholes.
  3. Prep the surface – Use a sanding block with a fine grain to prepare the surface for a new coat of paint.
  4. Remove the dust – Clean the surface well with a rag to remove all extra dust.
  5. Paint! – After putting down a drop cloth, use your favorite color...

July Family Festivals in Louisville

Another great reason to live and work in Louisville

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

July Festivals in Louisville

Find a summer festival in Louisville for your next family fun day!

Summer in Louisville is hitting its stride and many families are ready for fresh adventures and ways to get out and enjoy this great city.

Summer festivals are an awesome way to get the family out, spend time together, and explore more areas of the city. July is a fabulous time to jump into the family fun in the sun. Here are just a few of the summer festivals happening in and around Louisville in July. Some events are even free!

  • 4th of July festivals – There are Independence Day events all around the city, from Crescent Hill to Waterfront Park and everywhere in between. Find one in your area or use this opportunity to explore another piece of the city.
  • Jane Austin Festival – Grab your bonnet and your romantic sense of adventure and head over to Locust Grove for this fun annual tradition.
  • Forecastle Festival – If you don’t know what it is, ask your kids – and they’ll go crazy.
  • Family Fun Day at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve –...

Tips for Selling Your Louisville House This Summer

Don’t get beat by the heat!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Light, bright summery house

Selling your house this summer can be easy breezy!

It can sometimes be trickier to sell your house in the summer, when potential buyers are busy with family plans and wary of venturing out in the heat.

But the summer can be a great time to let your house shine even brighter than the hot sun! Here are some tips for making sure your summer sell goes swimmingly!

  1. Mow – Grass grows so much faster in the summer, and you’ll need to mow maybe even twice a week to keep things looking clean and neat. Don’t neglect that curb appeal!
  2. Cater your landscaping for summer appeal – Add flowers and plants that thrive in the summer sun and keep shrubs and bushes trim and tidy.
  3. Add summer accents – Highlight light and summery colors in your home with throw pillows and other accents. Make it feel like a summer getaway!
  4. Let the light in – Pull up the blinds, draw back the curtains, and fill the house with summer’s natural glow.
  5. Be flexible – With all the business of summer, potential buyers might only be able to view houses around...

Buyers Beware! Things to Notice When You’re Looking for a New House

Notice things red flags at open houses and avoid unpleasant surprises!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

plants in windowsill

An open house is the perfect time to check for red flags.

Buying a house can certainly be tricky. There’s so much to consider, and it’s easy to miss some really important issues in a house, especially in Louisville’s competitive environment.

But you don’t want to be surprised with a big issue down the road.

When you go to an open house, use these tips to help avoid red flags, so that you’ll know when you really find the right home for you! And when you’re ready for that step, talk to an agent today about how we can help you navigate all those factors and decisions! We can’t wait to see you in your new home.

Red Flags:

  1. Too much scent – At the open house, the seller will be diligent in filling the home with pleasing aromas, but too much scent can be a sign that they’re masking strong odors.
  2. Poor tiling – If the edges of the tiles are uneven, it might mean it was a DIY job. That could be fine – or it could mean that jobs were done in a rush or incorrectly, potentially...

Best Plants for Curb Appeal in Louisville

Add some delightful flora to the outside of your house!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Flowers add curb appeal

Add some curb appeal this spring with new plants and flowers!

If you’re looking to add some curb appeal to your house before you list it this spring, one great way is to plant some colorful plants! Here are the best 10 ideas to give your property that extra sparkle this season. Of course, if you’re looking to sell your house this spring, you can also talk to an agent today. We’d love to help you with this process!

  1. Boxwood – These evergreen shrubs make a great foundational plant and give structure to the landscaping.
  2. Nandina – This heavenly bamboo is easy to maintain and provides color throughout the year.
  3. Hydrangea – These shrubs are easy to grow and create beautiful blooms in the spring.
  4. Azalea – With beautiful blooms, hardy Azaleas are a great addition around your porch or mailbox.
  5. Roses – Did you know there are some kinds of roses that are low-maintenance and bloom from spring until frost?
  6. Hostas – Add some resilient hostas to the shady areas around your walls or under your trees.
  7. Daylilies...

10 Tips Before You List

How to get your home ready to sell!
By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Front door to a home

Go through this quick list before you list your house!

As spring approaches and more sellers are preparing their homes to list, every little detail can give you the edge. If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, consider these tips, then contact an agent so we can help you sell in this competitive season!

  1. Improve your landscaping – Get curb appeal working in your favor! Lovely lawn, trimmed and cleaned beds, and freshly planted flowers.
  2. Clean the outside – Grab a power washer and get the outside walls and gutters cleaned and inviting.
  3. Make repairs – Don’t give buyers a reason to walk away, so solve potential issues before they even see them.
  4. Make the front door inviting – Paint the front door a vibrant color and replace faded address numbers to help your entrance stand out.
  5. Buy a new welcome mat – Welcome buyers in, literally.
  6. Remove clutter and depersonalize – Make it easier for buyers to envision their lives in your home.
  7. Organize closets and drawers – If your storage...

Curate Winter Curb Appeal

Even on Cold Winter Days, Curb Appeal Matters

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Curb Appeal in WinterA little curb appeal can go a long way this winter!

There’s no reason to wait for warmer weather if you’re wanting to put your house on the market. If you’re looking to sell your house this winter, try some of these tips to make your home a warm welcome to buyers in these cold months. Then, talk to an agent today about why now is the best time to sell!

Fresh Paint and Doors
During the warmer months, your lush landscaping might hide some of the age and wear on your house’s exterior, but bare winter branches hide nothing. This is a great time to freshen up worn areas or try a whole new color for the outside of your home. Your front door and garage doors can make a big impact. Use these cold months to trade them out for a new look, or keep your current ones clean and maintained. A droopy or outdated door is sending the wrong message to potential buyers, and a fresh look could make all the difference.

Tidy Yard, Evergreen Plants, and Weather Maintenance
Your yard speaks volumes, even in the winter. Make sure all of your landscaping is cleaned up for the season,...

January Family Fun in Louisville

Find Free and Fun Ways to Enjoy Louisville Life this January

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Louisville Family Fun

Your family can have loads of fun in Louisville this January!

The freedom of winter break is finished, but you still want to enjoy your family this January! This is just another reason why Louisville is a great place to live and work, because there are always new and exciting things to do. Here are just a few of the events and opportunities for your family this month.

  • Visit the Speed Museum! Every Sunday (Until March 2021) the Speed Museum admission is FREE from 12 noon to 5 p.m.
  • See a puppet show! Saturday, Jan. 5 at the Squallis Puppeteers First Saturday Show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is a unique puppet show based on “The Tale of the Tricky Fox.” It’s fun for kids ages 3-8.
  • Build crafts as a family! The Learning Express Toys of Louisville store has frequent free craft events. Learn more on its Facebook page.
  • Celebrate Dr. King! On Sunday, Jan. 20, your family can experience “Keepers of the Dream - A Community Arts Celebration...
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